Malting, The Science and the Art, with Devin Huffman, Barn Owl Malt

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Anyone who joined us last summer to meet Devin Huffman came away with a new respect and admiration for the art of malting. It was truly and eye opener for everyone in the room, but if you missed getting in on this last year, NOW is your chance to meet one of the emerging giants in the Ontario malting industry, and one of the most friendly and approachable guys in the craft.

Devin Huffman and his wife Leslie founded Barn Owl Malt of Belleville Ontario in 2015 on the family farm, and given their strong desire to connect and work closely with craft brewers, they have earned and become a much sought after brand. They pay as much attention to the environmental sustainability and community responsibility of their operation as they do producing world-class products, so they tick all the boxes for a young company with all the right stuff.

Devin will present an overview and introduction to Barn Owl Malt, and like many brewers, you may never have met a maltster in the flesh, so this is your opportunity to ask about the process, the challenges, the motivation, and the future. He will review the production of malt, brewing grain agriculture in the province, what is malting, and why it is important. 

While the format is a classroom setting, the approach is very much a question and answer dialogue. 


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