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Posted by Dean Rowan on

June 26 Update..  our milling service is good to go!

While this took us much longer than we wanted, we are now offering complete We Mill/You Mill services for all orders. 

The delay was mostly due to shipping from the USA, followed by difficulty assembling and aligning the system. After many hours of head scratching, the system is now fully operational.

Going forward, you are welcome to order milling with your online order, or mill in house for pick up orders. If you order online and would like us to mill for you, again, no charge but please understand that we may need a few hours before we can get to it. Ordering the day before is ideal, keeping in mind that milling as close to mashing time is most peoples preference.

We know that others have a charge for this service, at least beyond a certain amount of grain, and until we find that it has become an issue for us, we choose to launch this service as a free value-added service to clients.

The mill is located in our back malt room and is outfitted with a movable dust hood connected to a vacuum system. It will activate as soon as the mill is turned on and run for a few seconds after the mill is shut off, eliminating as much as 80% of the dust. 

We have added the milling option to all grain product sku's online. Make the selection when you check out and it will appear on your order for us to see. Of course, there is also the option of No Mill for those who have a mill of their own.


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