2020 Bulk Grain Buy

Welcome to our 2020 Fall(ish) Bulk Grain Buy!

As we did last year, we are happy to finally launch our Bulk Grain Buy. For those who enjoy the freedom to purchase in bulk and have their most commonly used grains on hand for spur of the moment brewdays, this is your chance to stock up. If you don't have the space or conditions to store full sacks of grain, rest assured that we will stock some of the most popular varieties from this buy for small-quantity purchases throughout the year. 

COVID presented us with a number of challenges which delayed this Bulk Grain Buy from taking place sooner. In the spring and summer we were simply too busy to arrange it, and the logistics of handing off grains was clearly going to be a concern. As well, what you have not seen reflected in our online pricing is that grain pricing has increased over the past months, but the optics of a price increase during COVID were not good, so in order to construct this buy, we needed to take the time to review each products cost, availability, and popularity. Our final list in nearly 90 different grains so we hope you can find something you like in there!

Grain buy opens: Friday September 18, 2020
Grain buy closes: Wednesday September 30, end of day
Pick-ups start: Friday October 9 (tentative)
Pick-ups end: Saturday October 24 FIRM
Once closed there will be no exceptions.

Here are the rules;

  1. Anyone can purchase grain. We have no membership criteria so if you see something you want, go ahead and order it.
  2. This is a PRE-ORDER page, so please don't place your order and then get in the car to come for it! We will contact you when your order is ready for pick-up. We expect to begin releasing orders around October 9, but depending on delivery and sorting, it could be the following week.
  3. Please ENSURE your customer profile has BOTH an email address and a phone number. This gives us 2 ways to reach you if your order has not been picked up after notification.
  4. Depending on the final volume of orders, we may break the delivery of grains into 2-3 shipments. If we do, we will attempt to order and fill complete customer orders so that you can collect all of your grains in one trip. Orders will be filled on a first-in, first-out basis, based on order number.
  5. We are offering FULL BAGS ONLY, no splits as we do not have the manpower or time to manage that. If you want to split a bag with someone else, please arrange that yourself.
  6. We are NOT offering milling of full bags prior to delivery. If you need your grain milled, please contact us AFTER the Grain Buy has ended (and all grain orders completed) and we will be happy to find a time to mill it for you. As milling is a FREE service we reserve the right to refuse requests to mill multiple bags at one time, or to mill for clients who show up without any notice and ask for full bag milling while they wait.
  7. Some brands, such as OIO are being transitioned over to Rahr and the OIO brand will be phased out as of late this year. We have no control over when that availability will diminish, so if you order an OIO product and it is unavailable, we will contact you to choose another brand or take a refund. However, we are assured that the Rahr-branded product is the OIO just in a different bag.
  8. All orders are PAID IN FULL in advance. Once the Bulk Grain Buy has ended your purchase is locked in and cannot be refunded.
  9. Delivery (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa) is by request ONLY. We are working to organize a service that might delivery full bags to areas outside of our local delivery area but there will be a fee per bag for that service. Contact us for details if you need delivery. Canada Post and other carriers are not a viable option.
  10. You can order in-store or online, but online is MUCH easier for both you and us. If you choose to order in-store, your Bulk Grain Buy purchase will be handled as a separate transaction from any other items you are purchasing. This allows us to cleanly isolate all the grain orders instead of sifting through orders with other items looking for grain orders, which can lead to orders being missed.

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