Beer Club

Interested in becoming part of a local buying group that lets you select exactly what you want, from a variety of different Ontario breweries? There are lots of "beer clubs" out there to choose from, and most deliver you a curated monthly selection of domestic and international beers, for a fee. Our group is just slightly different, but in a good way.

The plan is to select some great breweries that are well outside of the normal shopping area (Durham) with a number of beers you can only get online or in their tap room. Each month, we will select a new and different brewery, summarize what they have to offer and create an Order Form. Once completed, your order will become part of the group buy. The order will be shipped to our shop (Bayly and Liverpool in Pickering) for convenient pick up.  Payment will be made personally, in advance of pick up, via email. This is important as any other method would constitute a violation of Ontario law, so please be clear that we are NOT reselling beer. We are collecting payment for your order, but centralizing the delivery and thereby reducing the cost you pay for shipping. 

Once the order form goes online, it will only be available for a few days, but don't worry. We will display the order form as it it were a normal product, and since it will be unavailable, you can add your email address to the Out of Stock notice window.  Once the form goes online, you will get an automated notice and can place your order.

April 2019 brewery - Dominion City Brewing Company, Ottawa Ontario

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