Growler Filler tube, for Perlick 630/650

  • $9.99

Filling growlers can be a pain – not to mention a big mess. That’s why there’s the convenient and easy-to-use Beer Growler Filler Tube for Perlick 600 series faucets.

Made from food-grade PVC plastic (1/4" ID), this 12-inch tube comes with a stainless steel fitting specifically designed to fit Perlick 630 and 650 series faucets. The tube is snugly held in place by two rubber O-rings that create a tight seal inside the spout.

The bottom end of the tube is then placed inside the growler or jug for easy, spill-free pouring. The tube also reduces foam because there’s less distance between where the beer is poured and the bottom of the container.