Canadian Homebrew Association HOMEBREW DAY 2021 Specials

On June 5th 2021 we will be celebrating the 3rd Annual Canadian Homebrew Day, along with homebrew shops and brewers across Canada.

To help get everyone involved, we have prepared 3 very different but equally delicious beers that you can brew on Homebrew Day, and we've created some very special deals to go along with them.

All Grain Kits

Two of these kits are presented by the Canadian Homebrew Association (CHA) and will be offered in many shops across the country. These recipes are from well known award winning homebrewers and are offered exclusively for this event. For a limited time, these kits are discounted to make them even more attractive and encourage you to plan a brew day on June 5th. 

However, the third is a unique and special kit that has been offered to us by our own award winning brewer, Trevor Armstrong of the Durham Homebrewers Club. If you don't know Trevor, take my word for it that he wins almost every competition he enters and has been active and visible helping novice brewers for years. In fact, Trevor is personally covering the cost of the kit (excluding the yeast selection) for the first 12 kits that are ordered. Yes, you read that right.. if you are one of the first 12 to order the kit, you pay only for the yeast! Trevor's treat.

This special offer by Trevor Armstrong is limited as follows;

  • All kits are ordered on a PRE-ORDER basis. Once ordered, we will make them up fresh in the same sequence that orders are received, First In, First Out
  • Only the first 12 kits will be FREE. After that, you can still brew the same kit for $22.99 plus yeast
  • This FREE offer will run from May 27 at 4pm until June 1 at 4pm, OR until all 12 kits are sold (which we expect will be very fast!)

Extract Kits

For the extract brewers out there, we have not forgotten about you either!. All our IN STOCK extract kits (Best Case, Coopers, Mr. Beer and Mangrove Jacks) are 15% off between May 28 and June 3. Use code HOMEBREWDAY2021 on check out to receive your discount and join in the brewing fun on Saturday June 5!

Link to Extract Kits!

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