CO2 Refilling and New Tanks

Most homebrewers have a requirement for CO2 in their brewery system, and one of the pesky tasks they all face is refilling their tank(s) when they run out!  There are a couple of different ways this is normally managed...

1. Cylinder Exchange Program: very common, works for many people, but has one potential drawback..  sometimes you surrender a new empty tank and get back a much older and more heavily used tank. Some people don't care about the look or age of the tank and only care about having a working tank on hand. In that case, this system works fine. We do not currently run our system this way and do not offer "swap" tanks.

2. Walk in refilling: this is the fastest way to go from empty to full, but usually also the most expensive, and it can be difficult to find a place who will do walk in filling, or has business hours that work for you. We are not licensed to refill tanks in our shop.. we send them out weekly.

Our process is simple, and so far has been very popular: you arrive at our shop with your empty tank and we provide you with a refilled loaner tank for $3.95. We collect tanks until the end of the day on Wednesday, then we take them all in for filling on Thursday, and usually have them back to us Friday AM. You get a call that your tank is ready, you return ours and we hand you yours. You get the same tank back as you gave us, and we get our loaner back, and you have not been out of gas in the brewery in the meantime. We deal with getting your tank to the supplier and back, so you don't need to worry about their store hours, you only need to worry about coming to see us.

We also keep in stock new, filled 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb CO2 tanks if you are looking for a new tank or a spare.