Made To Order all-grain Kits (MTO)

Looking for a great all-grain kit to brew? Not interested in searching out recipes online and figuring out what grain or hop to substitute for what it calls for? 

Well we hope this might work for you.

Here you will find an ever-changing collection of recipes that you can order and we will assemble to match your specs, such as;

  • We can offer single or double (BIAB) milling, or no milling at all.
  • We can offer several different yeast options, if there are suitable options available.
  • All we need is 48 hours (working hours please, not weekends) to get your recipe ready for you. 

The recipes you will find here will include all the ingredients (no hardware) needed to brew (except water addition salts, yeast nutrients, or fining agents) but with a standard recipe and simple instructions. While some recipes on the market may include a step-by-step info sheet, these kits come with a standard simplified recipe that includes all the important values and is intended for brewers with some knowledge of the brewing process. The recipe will include the following information;

  • Estimated OG and FG targets
  • Estimated ABV, IBU, and SRM values
  • Strike and mash temperature values and volumes
  • Grain bill, hop addition list and times
  • Simplified steps for brewing

So, that's it.. simple, we hope. Find something you'd like to brew in the next few days and enter an order. We'll take it from there!

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