Here you will find a selection of the most common malts for homebrewing. We have packaged most malt in sizes logical for its demand, so you will find many base malts in sizes of 1lb, 5lb, and 50-55lb. However, specialty malts that are often used in a much smaller percentage in your grain bill are available in 1/4lb, 1/2lb, and 1lb sizes. If you need a larger size for a specialty malt, please contact us and we will be happy to prepare it for you.

NEW Malt page layout and options

As we have seen over the last several years, many customers order grain for 2-3 recipes at a time. Some will provide us with detailed instructions as to what they want combined and milled for each recipe, others ask that all grains be milled and kept separate so they can combine later. Both work for us, but we wanted to see if there was a way to streamline this for both you and us.
We have created a series of options to allow you to be very specific about how you want your malt handled, milled, grouped, etc

The screenshot below gives you an idea of the options we have in place.

You do not need to select any of these options in order to place an order, in which case you will receive the grains you ordered unmilled and kept separate from each other.