$2.50 Cross Canada Delivery

Some of the dry yeast we have in stock has proven to be extremely popular, but the shipping cost has been less popular. It is the nature of our online service that we are unable to offer Canada Post rates for small lightweight envelopes, only package rates. However, there is nothing stopping us from manually calculating those lower Lettermail rates and passing them on to you.

For shipments of about 3-6 packages of dry yeast (and other very small, thin, lightweight items) the Lettermail rate from our shop to most parts of the country is around $2.50. Some are a bit higher but for the most part, we are seeing the $2.50 rate come up most often. This means you can get the yeast you want without the $16.00 - $20.00 shipping you don't want.

The process is simple;

  • Order a few packages of yeast. Each has a defined weight so the "system" will total up the weight and show you the Lettermail shipping options at check out. See the chart below.
  • Please DO NOT select Lettermail if your order contains other larger and heavier items UNLESS you want just your dry yeast shipped separately. Be sure to note this.
  • We will process your order and get your yeast in the mail the same day.
Number of Sachets of dry yeast  Select this shipping option Cost
1-6 1 Envelope under 100g $2.50 + tax
7-12 2 Envelopes each under 100g $5.00 + tax
13-18 3 Envelopes each under 100g $7.50 + tax


Please note that with this service, there is no tracking possible, so you will not get a tracking update from us. Delivery is normally 3-5 business days, but with COVID there might be short delays.