About Us

Who and what is The Homebrew Beer Academy...?

The not-so-short answer is that we are a Whitby-based family who have fallen in love with the craft beer phenomenon in Ontario over the past few years, and after many years of business (and commuting), we decided to open a shop unlike anything we could find in the Durham area. We wanted to offer great products and great prices to both novice and experienced brewers, offer in-house classes to teach the basics, drill down on a particular topic, or host events with great guests and cool topics. We wanted to open a shop that quickly becomes a destination and a great experience. Most importantly, we wanted to run a shop that was friendly, approachable, flexible, and fun to be at. 

The shop is run most days by myself, Dean Rowan, with my wife Joanne on hand Fridays and Saturdays, and my daughter Danae in when her busy schedule permits. My approach to Homebrew is based on lessons learned after nearly 30 years in the professional photographic trade, not as a photographer, but as a vendor and supplier of professional equipment and rentals. That experience cemented my appreciation for the skill and perseverance of young, talented photographers and their growth and emergence to prominence was my ongoing motivation. I see exactly the same pride of craft and development of skills in homebrewers, and I am equally motivated to assist as much as possible. 

I am also a homebrewer, albeit with only a few years of experience, and I totally understand the appeal and feeling of success when a new skill is mastered, or a complex batch comes out just as you hoped. My skills grow with every conversation in the shop, along with ample reading and research, and I am happy to share what I know. Just one of the amazing things about homebrewing is the community of knowledge and advise that is literally at your fingertips when you need a bit of assistance. The giving of time and knowledge is unprecedented, and truly inspiring.

We hope you'll stop in to see how the shop is evolving, how the stock is being refined, and how we can play a role in your discovery and enjoyment of the craft of homebrewing!

Dean Rowan
May 2018