Delivery Service

UPDATE: February 2020 - Common Good Beer Company in Scarborough added to our Thursday delivery schedule!

In this day and age, everyone wants free fast delivery to their front door. Well, we're not there yet, but we are working to find some convenient and accessible locations that we can deliver your homebrew supplies orders to, and so far, we have 3 that have proven to be very popular. We started with Second Wedge in Uxbridge, then added Old Flame in Port Perry, and after the closing of Brew North last fall, we added Muddy York in Leaside and in February 2020, we added Common Good Beer Company in Scarborough! We have reserved Thursday nights for Muddy York and Common Good which leaves Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday for deliveries to the other two. We do have minimum orders for delivery to these locations, but I think you will find them very reasonable.

Since we live in Whitby, it also makes sense to offer free HOME delivery of orders to brewers in Whitby and Brooklin, and this has also proven to be popular so keep that in mind if you live in those areas.

For all other orders that need to be shipped, we have found that Canada Post offers the fastest service with tracking, so we use them exclusively. From time to time we get orders that include liquid yeast (always tricky to ship) and just so you know, we normally delay shipping those orders until Monday or Tuesday so they don't end up in a warehouse over the weekend. 

Finally, if you create an account online at our web store, you can always build an order and mark it for Pick Up In Store, and we will have it ready and waiting when you arrive. This is how the vast majority of our orders are handled, so we know that service works. As a side note, we recently amended our grain ordering pages to allow you to provide simple instructions for how you want your grains milled, combined, or separated, including a way to tag specific grains by recipe number. We have tweaked it a bit, but so far the feedback has told us that we're on the right track!

So, what you brew is up to you, but we're here to offer you options to get those things you need to brew what you brew!