FedEx Shipping Option

If you choose this option please provide both an email address and phone number with your order. Both are required in order to quote shipping.

Because of limitations in our Shopify subscription, we are unable to integrate FedEx without our checkout process, but we are still able to offer FedEx as a shipping option for you.

In most cases, Canada Post will get your order to you reliably. However, with the influx of online ordering in the past few months, the service time has stretched out to more than a week, average, and some orders have taken 20 days. This becomes a serious issue if you are ordering liquid yeast, which even with cold packs is unlikely to survive for 7-20 days in transit. 

FedEx was requested and we have shipped a few orders with them. The first order was received in 28 hours from it arriving at the FedEx drop off location and did contain liquid yeast. The next order took 2 days and is likely more in line with what you can expect.

As a final caution, please understand that shipping liquid yeast these days is risky and it is your decision to request it be shipped. We will do our best to wrap it to keep it as cold as possible, including cold packs, but ultimately once we hire the carrier and hand it over, there is nothing more we can do. 

If you would like to have your ordered shipped via FedEx, select FedEx when you check out. We will then prepare your order and get your a quote for shipping. We will invoice you separately for the shipping so we NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS for you. Once paid, we will complete your order and send you the tracking number.