Final Pricing

Until the store is closed and as much inventory as possible is sold, we will be using the following discount plan.. (please note item 4)

  1. Only one discount can be applied per order, which might be your Specific Gravity points OR the published discount code (such as FINAL25), but not both.

  2. Gift cards will work as normal after any discount is applied.

  3. All sales are now FINAL.

  4. ONLY products listed under the CLEARANCE tab will be subject to the published discount code (FINAL25). Products in other areas of the website may have reduced prices set per item, but the discount code WILL NOT work unless you are shopping in the CLEARANCE area. Prices in the CLEARANCE section will be discounted at check out once the code is applied, even though they may already show a lower price than normal. The discount will be applied to the LOWER price.

  5. Some items cannot be sold under a single discount code, so we have created a SPECIALLY PRICED tab. The discount code WILL NOT reduce those products further. 

As we work through all our stock, we will update both the Clearance and Specially Priced tabs, so check back to see what has been added.