GTA Brews Fall 2021 Bulk Grain Buy

Please note that this grain buy is open to members of GTA Brews only. Since this is just one of many perks and benefits of being a member, we strongly encourage you to join. Here is a link to the membership page

We would like to begin by offering a huge Thank You to GTA Brews for including us as their retail partner in this long-awaited Bulk Grain Buy.. we are honoured to be able to participate! 

As anyone who has participated in a GTA Brews bulk buy in the past already knows, the retail partner provides a $5.00 gift card with each full bag of grain purchased, plus other cards in different amounts for various purchases, and we will be doing the same. However, just to make this whole experience a little bit richer, we have taken some time to round-up a few additional incentives for members who purchase grain in this buy. As a result, each purchasing member will receive a "Swag Bag" with a mix of gifts and incentives as well as the gift cards already mentioned. One bag per member but the contents will vary based on the quantity of swag we receive from the donating suppliers.

These swag bags will include such things as an 11lb gift bag of Ireks Pilsner Malt (for those who purchase Ireks malt), a selection of dry yeast products from both Lallemand and Fermentis, a special offer from Escarpment Labs on one of their upcoming Kveik Ring yeast strains, and free pour or flight gifts from various craft breweries around the GTA. Our friends at Brew Culture, the distributor for Ireks Malt have also generously offered to enter the names of each member who purchases a bag of Ireks into a draw for a mixed bag of malt goodies!

We hope to continue to add other small items to our Swag Bag over the next month and distribute them on October 3 at Brunswick Bierworks. We will add more details of these incentives and gifts over the next couple of weeks so check back for updates!


1. Brew Culture Ireks Malt Incentive

Our friends at Brew Culture have been very supportive of this GTA Brews bulk buy and very generous in their incentives for the members. As noted above, each member who purchases a bag of Ireks Malt will also receive an 11lb bag of Ireks Pilsner malt* to experiment with on a future brewday, but also will have their name entered into a draw for a special selection of sample malts (yet to be determined) and MAYBE a few other ingredients! 
* One bag per member regardless of how many bags of Ireks Malt is purchased. Supply is limited

2. Lallemand and Scott Laboratories

There is really not enough room here to explain the ongoing cooperation and support we have seen from both Lallemand and their distributor Scott Labs in the last few years. Suffice to say we now stock over a dozen of their dry yeast strains, but just 2 years ago had access to only two!
LalBrew Premium yeast is second to none, works months (some say years) after expiration, and is a cost effective option for any brew. Our friends at Lallemand and Scott Labs have generously donated 50 pitches of their Voss Kveik dry yeast which we will include in as many swag bags as we can. Huge Thank You to both Lallemand and Scott Labs for supporting GTA homebrewers!

3. Black Lab Brewing

Within a few hours of putting out the call to some local breweries to offer up a pint or a flight, I was talking with Billy from Black Lab Brewing, and they were all in. For me, it was also a great excuse to stop in for a pint, maybe two, and pick up the coupons. Your first pour is FREE and you will find your coupon in your swag bag! Thank You again Black Lab.. 

4. Escarpment Yeast Labs

I always feel sorry for brewers who don't have a yeast supplier near them and need to rely on freight companies and couriers to get fresh yeast. I guess its because we here in Ontario are so spoiled, having Escarpment Labs so close to the GTA and so available in person or online. Did I mention they manufacture some of the most highly sought after yeast products on the continent? They not only supply yeast across Canada, but now into the USA and parts of Europe! 

So not only are they an amazing yeast company, but they are also amazing people and community members, always at the ready to help with support, advice, and in this case a special reward!
In each swag bag, you will find a coupon for a fresh pitch of an Escarpment Kveik Ring offering in either October, November, or December. You will pay only $4.99 (60% savings) and can redeem it online or in person only at The Homebrew Beer Academy before the end of the year!
Thank You again Escarpment Labs!