GTA Brews Summer Showdown 2021

updated july 14 - special limited offer!

We want to encourage as many local homebrewers as possible to enter this competition, so we are putting our money where our mouth is!

The first 20 people to show us the following will have their GTA Brews first year membership fee reimbursed! You need to meet the following conditions;

  • Show us proof that you joined GTA Brews in July or August 2021
  • You live in Durham Region
  • You have purchased at least one entry to the Summer Showdown competition

This offer will extend until the competition entry closes, OR we reach 20 people, whichever comes first.


Finally, competitions are back! GTA Brews has recently announced that Summer Showdown 2021, the first competition in 2 years, will roll out next month.

We are honoured to be sponsoring this along with Toronto Brewing, and we're especially pleased to announce that a suggestion we made back in 2019 about a new category will roll out in this competition!  The New Brewer Award. We will be offering a $300 prize for the winning brew in this category, which is designed to showcase some of the great beer being made by all of you how have so far not entered it in any competitions. This is our way of encouraging you to enter competitions as a valuable way to improve your skills and gain confidence. 

In order to be enter, you must be a member of GTA Brews, but this is just one of many, many perks that membership earns you. Visit GTA Brews online and sign up, you will not regret it. 

All the details of this competition can be found once you login as a member and yes, we are your local drop-off location for all entries.

Good luck to everyone!