Homebrew Competitions

No matter how much your friends and family tell you how great your homebrewed beer is, the ONLY real measure of your skill comes from entering a competition and getting a proper BJCP judging report on your brew.

We know that this is intimidating to some people, but unlike standing up in front of a crowd and sharing something you made, this is all done without you ever being in the same room with the judges, so there is no embarrassment in the process! In return, you get genuine judge feedback on your beer, and normally suggestions on how to improve it. All for the $7 or $8 entry fee, this is priceless information and may just change your brewing world.

Here are a few of the ways you should consider getting started;

1. Join the GTA Brews club. There is a $20.00 annual membership fee for the club, but one of the key benefits is that your beer is shipped for FREE to competitions across Canada. That ALONE is well worth the membership fee, but the benefits do not end there... learn more about the GTA Brews club here.

2. If you live in Durham Region, we are a designated "drop off" location for your competition beer headed for shipping through GTA Brews, or for the ShortFinger Brewing Competition. We take your beer into one of the collection points for you. There is no fee for this service, but you must be a GTA Brews member for your beer to be shipped by them. No membership is required to enter the ShortFinger competition.

3. Your entry fees are paid directly by you to the competition. Once you do this, you will receive instructions on how to label your beer for entry, last day to enter, last day to ship, judging dates, etc. Most competitions have some level of prizes, and some, like BrewSlam have extensive prizes for all categories. Not only do you get feedback on your beer, but you may win valuable brewing-related equipment or supplies.

Really, that is it. All you need to do is brew up a batch that you want to enter, enter it in the correct category, and get it to us in time for delivery to the collection location in Toronto. 

Here is a link to the many competitions listed on the GTA Brews page for 2020:
GTA Brews Competitions Page

And also a link to the ShortFinger Brewing 1 <3 Pils Homebrew Competition:
I <3 Pils by ShortFinger