How to Work with Us (or more specifically how we can work with you)

We have received a number of calls from people asking if we are doing curbside pick-ups, deliveries, etc., so we thought we might not be doing a good enough job making all those options clear. Hopefully this simple summary will answer all your questions.

  1. Pick up at our shop: YES, if you need to take a drive and would like to pick up your order, we have initiated a FULL NO-CONTACT pick-up system. In short, you place an ONLINE order, select Pick Up at front door, wait to hear from us that your order is ready, then head on over. We are at the shop Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4pm for pick ups. When you arrive, there are detailed instructions on the front door, but essentially, ring the doorbell, step back from the door, we will open the door to identify you, and then your order will be placed outside on our pick up shelf for you to collect. 

  2. Local home deliveries: If you live in Durham or eastern Scarborough, place your ONLINE order and select FREE Local delivery ($15.00 min order). Please pay attention to the areas we are offering this in as we have had orders from Oakville to Quebec all selecting FREE home delivery. As soon as your order is ready, we will message you that it is being delivered that day, and you can look out for it. We are closing our shop at 4pm to facilitate these deliveries between 4pm - 7pm. This service is offered Tuesday - Friday, at our discretion, based on the volume of orders.

  3. Flat Rate GTA delivery: We offered this about a month ago but had to end it after a few weeks. We have a new driver and this option is now back!  $11.00 Flat Rate to the GTA. Follow the link about Flat Rate on our homepage to learn about the boundaries, etc. 

  4. Canada Post: with the exception of liquid yeast, this service has been pretty reliable for us. We're at the post office most days with packages out of province and the normal delivery time is a couple of days (normally). These days we have seen some delays so we're very careful not to ship liquid yeast in the middle or late part of the week, risking a weekend in a warehouse. Instead, we normally contact you and let you know we plan to ship your order on Monday.  Other products will ship out ASAP.

  5. CO2 refilling: this has not changed with us, but many refill centres are closed to walk in clients. We are NOT doing an exchange program, but we ARE taking your tank in, having it refilled, and returning it to you within a week (normally a few days). We also have new filled tanks available for sale if you need a spare. The best days to get your tank in is Tuesday and Wednesday as we take them in on Thursday morning and they are normally back to us on Friday morning. NOTE: we DO NOT provide any refilling or exchange of SodaStream cylinders, not do we stock any adapters or connections for SodaStream.

That's it, that's all.. I hope that answers your questions but if I have missed anything (such as 1-hour drone delivery.. not happening..) please contact us.