New Strains Coming

Imperial Yeast has released their latest seasonal strain and we have it on the way to us!

Available until about mid-March, L09 Que Bueno is a lager strain that is ideal for cold weather brewing and fermenting. This highly versatile strain shines in all lager styles from light to dark and malt forward to hop forward. It's low ester profile is what you're looking for in a lager yeast, along with a crisp clean fermentation. Ideal for Mexican-style lagers, Vienna-style lagers, Maibocks, and many more!

If you add your name to the Out of Stock box on the L09 Que Bueno page, once the stock arrives you will get an email and can place an order!

We are also adding two more strains to our inventory with this order;

A18 Joystick - A fast fermenting, cold-loving yeast that is clean in many styles but does really well in high alcohol, malty beers.

A20 Citrus - Used in place of Brett, A20 cranks out orange, lemon and tropical fruit aromas. Works well at high temperatures for big ester production.

Stock is due to arrive in the middle of next week (January 20-24) so keep an eye out for it!