Limited In-store shopping...

April 7 2021 COVID Update

The Ontario Government today issued a Stay At Home order with further limitations on retail, etc. As a result, we will revert back to CURBSIDE ONLY for the foreseeable future. 


As a recap, here are the options we can offer at this time;

1. Online ordering. Our physical and online inventory is the same, so with a few minor inventory errors, if you see it online, we have it in stock for pick up or delivery. If you don't see it online, please message us. In some cases, such as hops, we may have gone through all the repackaged bags and need to make up more, or it may be that we out out of stock and need to reorder. We will work with you to get you what you need.

2. Phone orders. Except for the fact that taking a list of items from you over the phone does not immediately give us inventory information, we can quickly determine what we have in stock and what might need to be substituted. Once this is done, we can email you an invoice and once payment is made, the order exists in our system just like any other order. This means First In, First Out, so if you call in an order at 10am and then show up at 10:30 for it, it may not be ready. Online ordering is preferred, but if you have questions and want to enter an order by phone, please give us a call.

3. Deliveries and Pick Ups. At the moment, we offer the following options for delivery of your order;

  • FREE local delivery in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa. Minimum order applies.

  • FREE delivery to Muddy York Brewery (Leaside), Common Good Brewing Co. (Scarborough), Second Wedge Brewery (Uxbridge), Old Flame Brewery (Port Perry), and Smithavens Brewery (Peterborough). Minimum order applies.

  • Canada Post. Two options here; if your order is under 100g, such as a few packages of dry yeast, we can ship this by Lettermail for $2.50 per 100g. This has proven to be HUGELY popular across Canada. No tracking is possible as this service level. If your order is larger, normal Canada Post services are offered. Some delays may occur, but that is a function of their volume, not the rate you paid or the volume of orders we process with them. 

    4. Additional Couriers
    . We introduced this option last year when Canada Post orders were averaging 8 - 16 days and liquid yeast orders were arriving unusable. It was originally just FedEx, but with the introduction of a service called Net Parcel, we are offered access to many others besides FedEx. Shipping liquid yeast continues to be risky, so please consider some of the excellent dry alternatives.

  • Curbside pick-up. If you absolutely must have your order today, please place it by 8am and select Same Day. We will do our best to prep those orders first. Next we work on the remaining Pick Up orders until early afternoon, then focus on deliveries to be made that day. For ALL pick up orders, please wait for the confirmation message from us that your order is ready. 

  • Walk-up orders. If you know what you want and turn up at the door, we are able to assemble small orders and take payment at the door. Cash or electronic options both work. However, be advised that showing up with a lengthy grain order that needs to be blended and milled might not be done right away and you might have to wait for it. Again, online ordering is the most efficient for both you and us.

Hopefully, this list offers sufficient options for you to get what you need as soon as possible. However, if you have any questions, please be sure to get in touch with us. We will provide another update as soon as there is more to report!!

Thanks for the ongoing support!!

Dean and Joanne