November 2019 Bulk Grain Buy

This buy is open to everyone.

Once a year we try to organize a bulk buy of base and specialty base malts for clients who choose to stock up for winter brewing. This year, we have also tried to include as many brands as we can, but since there are literally hundreds of malts available, there is no way to list them all. We hope you can find what you're looking for in this list.

This buy will be open for about 10 day, after which we will close the order form, calculate the total shipping costs, and send each person an invoice. You will have 5 days to settle the invoice then the orders will be placed.

Once they arrive and are sorted you will be contacted to pick up your order. Please do so as soon as you are able as our space will be cramped!

Any questions, please get in touch with us!

Please note: prices are subject to change. As of November 21 these prices have been confirmed, but the distributor is free to adjust prices without notice, which would impact our costs. If any products change in cost, we will update the form and contact anyone who has placed a pre-order.

Click here for the link to the bulk buy order form!