Packaging Changes

January 2019

It seems that no matter where we turn these days, we are faced with packaging. Some is simple and effective, some is almost impossible to open, and some is just screaming out for a change. In our little shop, we have a wide range of products in many different types of packaging, but while some of them are recyclable, few were being used to their fullest potential, which means reusing them and delaying their entering the waste/recycle stream. We have decided to make a change.

Starting with products such as lactic acid, PBW, and various water salts, we are buying in larger quantities, buying reusable/recyclable packages, and instituting a deposit - refund program. We are starting small but can see lots of opportunities for more and more package changes, and will pursue them as we run out of existing stock, source reusable packaging, and figure out how to make it work.

So starting now, you will begin to find products on our website that have the REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE icon to indicate that we are making a change to more environmentally friendly packaging. Our goal is not only to keep plastic jars and bags from the waste stream (some is recycled, some ends up in landfill) but also to create an incentive for you, the consumer, to use and then return it to us for reuse. Therefore, each package has a deposit and refund built into it. When you first purchase the product, you pay for the package as well as the contents (as you do now, but without a refund option), but when you return it empty (with the lid please), your next purchase of the same product will have your refund deducted from the purchase price. So, when you consider your final cost, you will not find a better price anywhere, AND you are helping us keep these containers in service longer. We think this makes good sense and we hope you do too!