NEW Points Program

Since we opened in May 2018, we have been working with a very simple discount rewards program with a few different groups. In both cases, we offer 5% off on ingredients purchases, both online and in store. However, the Shopify platform we operate on does not handle both of these purchase methods the same, and as a result, discounts need to be applied manually in store, but work automatically online. This has lead to some discounts being missed and some discounts being applied where they should not be applied. Besides this shortcoming, we also wanted a way to offer rewards to more people who have shown great loyalty to us. For these reasons we will soon be moving to a simple, automated Smile rewards system.

Smile is one of the more popular programs out there, but all but the most basic plan requires monthly fees that are simply unaffordable. Therefore, we are using the basic plan that may not have all the branding and customization we would like, but it does track points and allow you to easily redeem them.

For each $1 you spend on ANYTHING in our store or online, you will accumulate 2 Specific Gravity Points. You can redeem those points in blocks of 200 SG Points, which will earn you 5% off your entire order. Since the points are accumulated after each purchase, they are available for your next purchase. 

Other rewards include;

  • 100 SG Points when you sign up
  • 200 SG Points on your birthday
  • 50 SG Points for sharing a Facebook post
  • Refer a brewing friend to us and you both earn a $10 discount

We think this will be a more complete way to offer loyalty points and will be applied more uniformly. Each time you make a purchase and earn SG Points, you will get an email with details, so be sure you have added your email address to your account profile.

Along with introducing the Smile loyalty rewards program, we will be discontinuing all other discount programs.

Our new Smile program is active now, but existing discount codes will continue to be active and usable until February 19, 2020, at which time your "old" discount code will no longer be usable. To continue to earn points and discounts, please be sure to sign up for Smile. Look for the SG Points icon on our home page and follow the instructions from there!