Rental FAQ's

Unlike many online purchases, rentals are more complex given the value and nature of the rented equipment. A huge amount of thought and testing has been done to arrive at a system that we know works well for clients, AND provides us with the level of security needed to offer this service.  However, you may want to better understand some of the reasons behind how we manage rentals.  If you have a question that is not answered below please contact us.

  1. Do all rentals require a security deposit?
    For all legal intents and purposes, yes. Some clients who have done business with us or are otherwise well known to us may be exempt, but the majority of rental clients will be set up to require a security deposit. The security deposit default is 75% of the current purchase (or replacement) price.

  2. Why are all rentals booked online?
    Our online store and in-store point of sale (POS) are run by the same eCommerce engine, but their functionalities are slightly different. For security reasons, staff cannot override prices in-store or enter random charges, and this limits our ability to be as flexible as we need to be with rentals. Online however does allow this flexibility, but also a calendar function (critical) and most importantly, a very robust and fraud-resistant payment system.  After looking at other options to allow walk-in, unreserved rentals, we decided that the most reliable way was to stream all rentals through our online system, which provides both parties with more security than we could offer in-store.

  3. How does my final rental payment work?
    The cost of both the rental and the security deposit (plus HST) are captured with your order. Once the rental has completed and assuming there are no late fees, damage fees, or cleaning fees, we are able to refund the entire security deposit and issue a final paid invoice. If there are charges not reflected on the Contract, such as cleaning or late fees, those fees will be deducted from the security deposit and the balance will be refunded. This will be detailed on your final invoice.

  4. How soon will my security deposit be refunded?
    Our goal is to refund deposits and issue final paid invoices on the day of the rental return, but depending on what time the return is made and what other obligations we have to complete that day, it might not be until the next business day. Note, rentals returned late Saturday will not be inspected until the following Tuesday when we reopen.

  5. What happens if I only want the rental over the weekend?
    If you experiment with different dates in the rental calendar function, you will see that 4 and 5 days are charged at the same rate. This allows for clients to pick up rentals EITHER Friday or Saturday and pay the same amount. Due to the fact that we are not open on Mondays, all "weekend" rentals are Friday or Saturday until Tuesday. Its the best deal going!

  6. What happens if the rental is lost, or damaged?
    The advantage of all rentals is the relatively low cost you pay to enjoy the use of an expensive asset. The disadvantage is that you assume the responsibility for that asset from the moment you sign the rental contract until the moment it is tested and returned to active rental status. If you experience a loss or damage, contact us ASAP. In some cases, the damage can be repaired, but if not, the security deposit would be forfeit in order to pay for the asset.

  7. How do I know if someone has contaminated the rental equipment?
    Fermentation systems ship with a note advising clients not to use contaminating enzymes or yeast strains, but we are powerless to ensure this is not being done. This is one of the potential disadvantages of rentals. It is essentially "buyer beware". We will sanitize all fermenters as part of the cleaning procedure, but you are advised to do the same.

  8. Can I have someone else pick up or return my rental?
    Yes, but you understand that they will sign the rental contract on your behalf, even though they may not be liable for any loss or damage. If you plan to have someone else make the pick-up for you, please email us with his/her name and mention that you are authorizing them to sign on your behalf. Drop offs can be done by anyone you authorize and we do not need to be notified. Keep in mind that if THEY drop off later than you expect, late fees MAY apply.

  9. Why are rentals not shipped to clients?
    Two main reasons; first, we need an original signature on the rental contract. Secondly, the rental portal does not provide us with a shipping option, so we would be required to manually calculate the cost based on weight, package size, and destination, which we have no way to manually enter and charge in our POS system. It is also obvious that once we ship something to a client, or a client ships it back to us, damage that would occur during shipping is the fault of neither party and impossible to prove or settle with the carrier.

  10.  Can I cancel a rental after it has been booked?
    Yes you can. Contact us ASAP and we will process the return of your rental fee and security deposit. Keep in mind that clients who routinely book and cancel rentals will be denied future rentals. Once you book an item, that item and time slot are no longer available for others. If you then cancel your rental, it may be too late to offer that item to others, even if we had a way of knowing who was looking for the same equipment for the same time. At the moment, we do not have a preset time before the rental which precludes cancellation, but this may be initiated in the future.

Final word on rentals: we extend this service to clients on the understanding that our policies are final, not subject to negotiation. For example, we do not accept security deposits in cash, we do not negotiate our rental fees, and we do not close contracts until all parts of a rental item are returned. On the other hand, we can be flexible with longer rentals, special holiday rentals (such as over Christmas), and for exceptional clients, we will deliver rentals IF we are delivering purchased items. We hope you will see the value this service offers, and at the same time understand the restrictions and conditions we have had to put in place to make the service possible.