Resuming Deliveries to Muddy York

Posted October 1, 2020

Beginning on Thursday October 8, 2020 we will be resuming our weekly deliveries to Muddy York Brewing Company. This is 100% contingent upon the folks at MYBC continuing to feel safe allowing us to do so, and the Province not imposing renewed restrictions that would make this impossible. This makes this delivery option subject to change with little or no notice.

As we were doing for much of last fall and winter, we will be dedicating Thursday evenings to these deliveries, so other local deliveries will have to be managed on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Fridays. We do not make any deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays, or Mondays.

If this delivery option is convenient for you, there is a $25 (pre-tax) minimum order and we would like to have your order in hand by 10:00am the morning of the delivery as this gives us time to schedule and plan the day. If your order comes later in the day, we may not be able to get it prepped for delivery that day. We will try, but no promises. All you need to do is select FREE Delivery to MYBC on check out and we will do the rest. If you are ordering liquid yeast please be aware that in the past, all orders were housed in one of the walk in fridges so your yeast will be safe until you pick it up.

When you do pick up, please consider buying some beer to go. This helps to support MYBC who make this convenient delivery option possible.