Technical Notice

We've noticed an increase (maybe more of a spike) in the number of messages to clients that have bounced back or ended up in your Junk or Spam folders and been missed. These are messages we send through the Shopify app as either SMS (text) or emails to the contact coordinates you provide. We actually don't get a notice that they have not been received for about a week (and sometimes not at all) which is usually when we are wondering why you haven't picked up your order. We've contacted Shopify and it is a KNOWN issue on their side, NOT an issue on our side, and they are "working on it". It seems to be mainly Gmail and Hotmail addresses that are affected but it could be Yahoo, Outlook and others..
So, I STRONGLY suggest that if you order online from us, please provide BOTH a cell number and an email address which gives us a second way to contact you after a day or so to ensure you are aware of your order status. If you have an account with us already, please update it with both an email address AND a cell number. We hope this will ensure that you're not waiting to hear from us when we think we've already contacted you. Frustration on both sides that neither of us needs!