Time to Say Goodbye

So, let me get the hard part out of the way right up front..  we will be closing Homebrew for good on Thursday April 14, 2022 and heading into full retirement later this year. 

Well, the plan is retirement eventually, but depending on how much stock we still have when we close the doors for the last time, we may be selling online for a few more weeks or months. For all of those I have spoken with in the last few weeks but not shared this, I apologize but I was not able to release this information any sooner.

Now, with that out of the way, let me explain.

When we opened in 2018 it was never with the intention of running the shop for 10+ years, instead, it was established to fill the 3-5 years gap between when I gave up my 3 hour daily commute and when my wife was ready to retire. We would certainly have continued for another few years but a couple of things got in the way.

First, COVID meant that the 1/3 of our space that is a classroom has been idle for 2+ years yet the overhead cost has continued without any way to generate income from it. We know now that with restrictions and mandates about to be lifted, we could likely resume classes this spring, but our landlord needed our renewal commitment by January 7 and clearly, at that time, we had no visibility to how and when restrictions would be removed.  

Secondly, the offer to renew our lease reflected a sizeable cost increase which was hard to justify. As a result, we took the decision to not renew the lease and move into retirement this spring instead of in a few years.

To us it seems almost impossible that 4 years have shot by since we shouted NOW OPEN on May 24, 2018, but indeed they have! I have to say from the heart that I have enjoyed every minute or everyday and every interaction with clients who quickly became friends. It really is hard to think that I will not be able to chat and laugh with you as we both march down our homebrewing roads together, but the time has come to close one chapter and step into our next adventure.


Our last day of in-store business will be Thursday April 14, 2022. That leaves us a few weeks to clean up and clean out, and during that time, any furniture, such as fridges, shelves, etc that have been sold can be collected from the store. What we are unable to sell will have to be scrapped, which we will hate to do. 

We will offer discounts on in-stock goods to avoid having to dump them, so keep an eye out for those announcements. However, we will stop ordering in new inventory since we only risk having new stock on hand without time to sell it. 

As I said, it has been a blast working with so many customers/friends, and coming to work never really felt like working. 

A warm and sincere Thank You to everyone, customers and suppliers, for making this such a great gig! Stay calm and keep on brewing!

Dean, Joanne, Pepper


* I have been asked recently about our Specific Gravity Points program. As you now, those points were awarded at no cost to you as a Thank You for purchasing. Most people apply them on every purchase, some have been holding onto them. They can be applied at a rate of 200 pts per transaction, which yields 5% off the sale. They have no other cash value so once we close the shop, there is no value to be redeemed or refunded.

Follow this link to learn how final pricing will work...


A Note about the Business

When we started Homebrew we were right in the middle between a shop in Bowmanville and Brew North on Queen Street East in Toronto (now closed).. a sizable gap in service. Today, without question, we have clearly established the demand for a central Durham homebrew shop and if COVID had not shut down our in-person teaching we would also be reporting that the demand for it is high.

I am mentioning this in case there is anyone reading this who would consider taking over the shop in another location (this unit has already been leased). While anyone could easily open a brand new store with a new name and website, there is some value in our existing brand name, URL, and Shopify store, not to mention the existing inventory and vendor relationships. If you have dealt with us you will know that we offer a very personal, hands-on and customer-centric environment, which we would hope you would consider continuing as it is clearly a competitive distinction and in large part a key to our past success.

Open to chat with anyone who might be interested, but time is very short so don't leave it too long. We will begin selling off inventory immediately.