Wide Mouth FerMonster (PET Carboy)

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We stock 3 sizes of this popular product;

1 gallon - 3.7L
3 gallon - 11L
7 gallon. - 26.5L

With a wider 4” mouth, there is easier access for cleaning. It is made of heavy P.E.T. plastic.

  • Comes with an O-ring and air-tight ONE PIECE lid with a hole that will take a #10 (best fit) or #10.5 stopper. Please read this note about installing the O-ring and sealing your fermenter before first use.
  • There are no ribs, only smooth sides, so no yeast or sediment will adhere to walls during fermentation.
  • Completely taste and odor-free, they are also stain resistant.
  • Impermeable to oxygen.
  • 100% made in Canada.
  • The 7 gallon size is preferred for the extra head space, plus the ability to load beer onto fruit and still have head room.
  • The FerMonster is hard to carry, we strongly suggest that you purchase a carboy carrier. Find the Carboy Carrier here

Note: the shipping weight of these products are calculated using a Volumetric Equivalent method, not actual weight. See our blog post titled shipping cost issues for more details.