Advanced Brewing Water

Advanced Brewing Water

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We welcome back Ian Johnson as we delve into a truly important topic: brewing water. 

There has always been a limited amount of truth in the idea that good tasting tap water will make good tasting beer. Some of that small amount of truth has been pure luck, as recent research has clearly demonstrated the importance of key water elements in accentuating malt, or hop characteristics, as well as the importance of pH and mineral content on many aspects of the mash efficiency and yeast health. If your beer tastes great, it can only get better with a better understanding of water chemistry, and the very small effort it takes to correct your water to be ideal. This really is a big topic that takes mere minutes to correct on brewday.

While this is not a basics class, it has been prepared to meet the needs of serious brewers who have some basic knowledge of treating brewing water, understanding pH, and have been making water adjustments with some or little success.

This class will tackle the following topics;

  • Basic concepts: Water, anions & cations, equilibrium
  • Reading a local water report   - focus on Lake Ontario water. 
  • Chlorine and chloramines
  • Water hardness
  • pH and Alkalinity
  • Dealing with alkalinity
  • Flavouring anions

Scheduled to run about 2 hours, this class may run over if there are areas that need more focus and explanation than others. At the same time, within reason, we are not being held to a fixed end time, so please feel free to ask Ian whatever questions you have, until it makes sense to you and the rest of the class.


When: Thursday October 3, 2019, 6:15pm
Where: The Homebrew Beer Academy classroom
Who: those with some basic grasp of water chemistry and corrections

Cost: $10.00 per person, limit 12 students

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