Anvil Brewing Ferment in Kettle, 5.5 gal kit

  • $24.99

Use your ANVIL Kettle as a fermentor!

  • -Patent pending one piece silicone lid seal fits tightly blocking oxygen and bacteria from your beer
  • -Patent pending racking arm utilizes a teflon washer to allow your ANVIL valve and diptube to turn freely and become a racking arm! Transfer sediment free beer like the pros!
  • -Unlike other manufacturers who use rivets to install their handles, ANVIL uses stud welded handles to eliminate rivets and the bacteria they hide
  • -Unique sanitary nut covers the threads of the thermometer to provide a super sanitary thermometer connection with no exposed threads
  • -All ANVIL kettles have pre-drilled holes to accommodate the included airlock and grommet- no modifications to the kettle necessary!