Barn Owl Soft Red Wheat Malt - Emperor

Barn Owl Soft Red Wheat Malt - Emperor

  • $1.99

This fully modified, floor-malted Ontario grown Emperor Soft Red Winter Wheat can be used up to 100%. 2.5°L

About Barn Owl Malt

We are proud to showcase the true potential of Ontario craft malts as high quality, specialty malts.  Our malts perform well in the brewhouse with exceptional extract potential, yeast nutrition and diastatic power, while providing excellent flavours and aromas.  We design a unique floor-malting and kilning schedule for each grain stream to maintain a high level of consistency in our finished products.  All of our grains remain traceable to the Ontario farm where they were grown.  Our malts are processed right here in our malt house, un-blended.

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