Brewing Salt Additions Kits

Brewing Salt Additions Kits

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These salt addition kits have been assembled to provide a BASIC AVERAGE water profile, using RO (reverse osmosis) water as the base, for a 5 gallon batch (one kit per 5 gallons). They are measured out to provide corrections for both mash and sparge water. 

If you require a more exact profile, we suggest downloading (and supporting) Bru'n Water, a fantastic water calculator.

Here are the 5 average kits we offer and the profile target for each;

Calcium - Ca
Magnesium - Mg
Sodium - Na
Sulfate - S04
Chloride - Cl
Bicarbonate - HCO-3

 Standard Ale (yellow, pale ale, smash, blonde)
Ca - 55ppm, Mg - 5ppm, Na - 5ppm, SO4 - 76ppm, Cl - 60ppm, HCO-3 - 0ppm

Hoppy Ale (west coast, IPA, pale ale)
Ca- 50ppm, Mg - 10ppm, Na - 5ppm, SO4 - 101ppm, Cl - 50ppm, HCO-3 - 0ppm

NEIPA (juicy IPA, milkshake IPA, etc)
Ca - 111ppm, Mg - 5ppm, Na - 10ppm, SO4 - 75ppm, Cl - 151ppm, HCO-3 - 40ppm

Amber Ale (reds, dark ales)
Ca - 58ppm, Mg - 10ppm, Na - 15ppm, SO4 - 75ppm, Cl - 65ppm, HCO-3 - 40ppm

Cl - 54ppm, Mg - 10ppm, Na - 33ppm, SO4 - 57ppm, Cl - 44ppm, HCO-3 - 142ppm

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