Red Wheat Malt, Briess

Red Wheat Malt, Briess

  • $1.29

Brand: Briess
Lovibond: 2.3L

This is the primary base malt used in many wheat beers. Weizenbier, Weiss Bier, Hefeweizen all routinely use red wheat malt as a base in their recipes. This malt has a unique, malty flavour that is very discernable in the resulting beer. It also adds a smooth, creamy body to the beer with some rich, wheat flour flavors. Red wheat malt can also be used in smaller amounts to increase the beer's head retention. Add a 1/2 pound to a typical 6 gallon mash. It is also recommended that rice hulls be added to the mash if red wheat malt represents 40% or more of the grain bill. This will help to keep the mash flowing during the lautering process.

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