Catalina Wine Mixer (Kolsch) by Cory Day

Catalina Wine Mixer (Kolsch) by Cory Day

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The Canadian Homebrew Association is excited to celebrate its' third annual   l Canadian Homebrew Day on June 5 where we celebrate all things hombrewing. 

Join in the fun with this award winning brew!

"This is my recipe for one of my favourite Kolsch. Over the years, it has won several medals and is a favourite of friends and family. It was even served at my best friend's wedding (and the first keg to kick)! The beer is named after one of the running gags in one of my favourite movies "Step Brothers". I hope everyone enjoys this and hits me up with a #PowCatalinaWineMixer on Twitter while they're taking a drink!"  Cory Day

About this recipe (here is a PDF of the recipe)


  • Style - Kolsch, All Grain
  • Batch Size - 5.0 Gallon
  • ABV - 5.1%
  • SRM - 3.0
  • IBU - 18
  • OG - 1.047
  • FG - 1.008

As a member of the CHA, we are happy and honoured to be able to participate this years Canadian Homebrew Day. When you place your order for this recipe, please understand that it is on a Pre-Order basis and we will begin to make it up as soon as you order it. Once it is ready, you will be contacted. The price of the kit has been specially discounted for this event. There is both a dry and a liquid yeast option that will both work well in this recipe, so select which one you prefer to use.