Biscuit Malt, BestMalz

Biscuit Malt, BestMalz

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Brand: BestMalz
Lovibond: 19.3

Biscuit Malt lends the beer an intense and sweet malty aroma which reminds of freshly baked bread and biscuits. It combines distinct roasted aromas and a comparatively light color. Giving a golden hue to the beer it suits perfect for many beer styles, giving the little “extra” to them.

Suitable for any style, especially English ales, brown ales and porters. Up to 15% of the mix.

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Biscuit is the most commonly noted alternate for Victory Malt

Color °L 19.3
Protein Total 11.5
Moisture % Max 4.7
Extract FG Min 77.0
Usage Rate Up to 15%