CO2 Cylinder Loaner (for refill customers only)

CO2 Cylinder Loaner (for refill customers only)

  • $3.95

Pick-up in store only. Loaners are for customers having refills ONLY. 

Instead of the "normal" tank exchange programs in which you hand in your new shiny tank and get back an older, maybe beat up tank, we combine refilling your tank with a loaner solution. Bring in your empty tank for refilling (and hydro static testing, if needed) and we will provide you with one of our 2.5lb tanks to keep you pouring while we get your tank refilled. The cost for this loaner is $3.95.

Most refills are done and ready to return to you within a week, but in case it takes us longer, you are free to keep and use the tank, however, we do limit the gas consumption to 1 (one) pound. If you have a system leak, for example, and return the loaner empty, you will be charged the cost to refill the tank.

Please call or book online to ensure we have a tank for you. At check out, select the item for Pick-up in store. This way it will be put aside for you. 

At checkout, we will bill you for the loaner and refilling your tank (plus testing, if needed).