CO2 Refilling

CO2 Refilling

  • $14.99

This service is offered in conjunction with our CO2 tank loaner program. You do not need to take a loaner if you only want a refill, but the loaners are ONLY available for clients ordering refills.

Utilizing a local refill depot, we will collect tanks for refills until the end of the work day on Saturdays. On Monday or Tuesday, we will deliver all the tanks to the refill shop for filling and collect them up again by end of the week. Once your tank is back, we will contact you to let you know.  NOTE: depending on volume at the vendor, tanks MAY NOT be ready by the following Friday. This is out of our control.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • By law, CO2 tanks can only be filled for 5 years from the date of the last hydrostatic test. You will find the month and year (eg. 01  17) stamped on the shoulder of the tank. In this case, the tank can be refilled until January 2022, then needs to by hydrostatically tested again to ensure it is still usable. The testing is $35 and extends the tanks life for another 5 years. We will check the hydrostatic date on each tank before we deliver it for refilling.

  • If a tank has left over gas in it, the refill depot does not consider this when refilling. The tank will be filled to its full volume each time and you will be charged for a full refill each time. Keep in mind that it takes only 0.5lb of gas to dispense a full 19L keg. You can estimate the amount of gas you have left by weighing the tank on a grain or bathroom scale, then subtracting the total weight from the TARE weight, regardless of what the regulator might say. If you have 1-2lbs left in a 5lb tank, you are safe for another 2-3 kegs (depending on the dispense PSI, leaks, etc) Force or burst carbonation consumes approximately 1lb of gas.

  • We are only offering CO2 at this time.. not beer gas, or Nitrogen.

  • We are not able to guarantee turn-around times, but we anticipate that most tanks delivered to us by Saturday will be ready to pick up the following Saturday, or sooner.

Our cost for this service INCLUDES the delivery and pick up, plus the gas. Taxes are additional. 

Please purchase the refill size you need, then bring in your tank. Alternately, you can pay in-store. All refills need to be prepaid. 

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