Electric Warming Belt

Electric Warming Belt

  • $26.99

An adjustable belt consisting of a heat coil in an insulating jacket that keeps buckets and plastic carboys warm during primary fermentation. For wort, this belt is best used with a temperature controller, such as an InkBird, to ensure the belt is only "on" when needed.


Used to maintain a constant and accurate liquid temperature of 75-80F (23-27C) on a plastic fermenter of up to 30-35 liters. Adjustable and easy to use, the 40" heat belt fits securely by means of an inline locking clasp.

  • DO NOT immerse in water or other liquid
  • DO NOT leave plugged in (uncontrolled) for more than 8 days
  • DO NOT use on glass containers
  • DO NOT cover the heat belt when in use
  • DO NOT use if the ambient room temperature is above 75-80F (23-27C)