Escarpment Halvorsgard Kveik yeast, 125ml

Escarpment Halvorsgard Kveik yeast, 125ml

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Bjarne Halvorsgard's yeast hails from Ål, which is quite geographically separated from the farmhouse brewing epicentres in Voss and Hornindal. So much so that in Ål, the term for yeast is not 'kveik' but rather 'gong'. Unfortunately, The Gong Ring is a little less catchy. 

The yeasts in Ål are quite unique, behaving somewhere between kveik yeasts and Belgian-style yeasts (both contain POF+ yeasts in the mix). The Halvorsgard has strong fruity aromas coupled with light baking spice, which we think is perfect for malty and dark winter brews. It can be used for barleywine, porter, stout, dubbel, and so on. We selected two isolates to make this blend. 

Did you know there was so much diversity in kveik yeasts? 

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