Expired Yeast

Expired Yeast

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Yes, yeast does have a best before date, and sometimes we have stock that exceeds that date, but for many of our homebrew clients who are making yeast starters, expired yeast is a GREAT opportunity to pick up some strains and grow them up to pitching size, AND save 50% off the cost of new. 

Yeast will stay on this page for about a month. From there, if no one wants it, then it gets tossed. 

Each product listed is in limited supply and we have noted the expiry date. There may only be one of each, so if you can't add it to the cart, its already gone. We will periodically remove out of stock items so the page is easier to use.

All pitches are final sale, 50% off, no taxes, and first come, first served. Please don't ask us to hold onto an expired pitch for you, just add it to a cart and boom, its yours!

EL = Escarpment Labs
WLP = White Labs