Five Star PBW

Five Star PBW

  • $10.49

Recycle Option - January 2019
PBW is currently available in 2 packaging formats, but will soon only be available in one format. We are moving towards offering PBW in recyclable packaging that includes a deposit and refund, cutting your cost and saving many of these containers potentially from landfill sites. Our packaging is the same quantity and cost, but when you return the empty container for another, there is an instant refund at the cash. We can then reuse the container. While
 we introduce our new packaging, we still have stock of some of the original Five Star packaging, but once that is gone, we will only offer the Homebrew version.

Refund Values:
1lb PBW - $1.50 per container and lid returned
2lb PBW - $2.30 per container and lid returned

Example: purchase a 1lb container of PBW and pay only $10.49. When you have used it and return with the container for another, your instant refund is $1.50, making your purchase cost only $8.99! This program is only available for in-store purchases.


PBW (Powder Brewery Wash) is a safe alkaline cleaner for everything around your brewhouse. It’s a favorite of small home breweries because it out-performs caustic chemicals without scrubbing. Just put your kettle, bottles, carboy, etc. in for a good long soak.

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