Gelatin Fining powder, 1oz

Gelatin Fining powder, 1oz

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Gelatin powder works like other fining agents when added to cold beer – it helps speed up the clarification process. It “grabs” proteins and other haze forming particulates and helps them settle out faster. It is very common to use fining agents like Irish Moss in the boil (last 15 min) and then add gelatin to either the fermenter or the keg.

  • FERMENTER. If you plan to add gelatin to the fermenter, add it after you have reached final gravity AND cold crashed the beer. Gelatin is most effective when the beer is cold. Add as per the directions below and then wait 48 hours before bottling or racking to a keg.
  • KEG. If you plan to add gelatin to the keg, be sure it is cold crashed, open the lid and pour in the mixture. Close and purge with CO2, allow 48 hours for clearing.

For 5 gallons, boil and cool 3/4 cup of water in a pyrex measuring cup to 150-155F (66-68C). Add 1 tsp of gelatin powder to the water and stir to dissolve. Add directly to the fermenter or keg.

Vegan Notice
Gelatin is derived from animal collagen which is a protein found in connective tissue like tendons, bones, cartilage, and skin. It’s processed (heated) to form gelatin, which is then purified for use in the food industry. 

Collagen is found in many foods – meat (in its natural state), desserts, and candy – as well as cosmetics. But if the idea of an animal-based product in your beer freaks you out, remember that whatever gelatin you add to the beer will settle out completely. Still, if you’re a strict vegetarian or vegan you may want to avoid using gelatin to clear your beer altogether. For the rest of us carnivores, gelatin is perfectly acceptable way to get a bright, clear beer.