In-House Canning Service

In-House Canning Service

  • $14.85

Finally, a local service designed to address the periodic needs of local homebrewers for canned beer! 

After some planning and engineering, we are pleased to announce our in-house canning line for homebrewers is up and running. This service is offered in conjunction with the sale of cans to homebrewers with their own can seaming system, since the two go hand in hand. Essentially, if you have a can seamer of your own and are looking for a source of empty cans and lids in small quantities, we can help you. If you don't own a can seamer but would like to can some of your creation for gifting, easy transport, camping or cottaging, or just the novelty of it, we can help you there too.

As this is a somewhat complex service, we have taken the time to identify a number of questions that we anticipate people will have and created an FAQ page, which you can find HERE. As a summary, here is a description of the service we are offering;

We will can whatever beer and whatever quantity you bring us, but this is NOT a "while you wait" service for several reasons; we may not have time to stop everything we are doing to dedicate our time you canning your beer, and more importantly, beer is disturbed when moved and needs to settle. We also want to ensure the beer is cold enough to be packaged properly, so your keg will spend at least 24 hours in our fridge when it arrives. We will ask you what type of yeast or bugs were used to ferment the beer as we are striving to keep from cross-contaminating funky and non-funky beer. However, we do replace the tap, shank and beer line after each client with a sanitized set. 
Next, we would prefer to focus entirely on canning your beer, so when we start, we want to finish without interruption. This is best done in the early morning or evening when the shop is closed. For these reasons, we have designed an In-Out turn round schedule so you can know in advance when your beer will be ready. 

  • In Tuesday, ready THIS Friday
  • In Wednesday, ready NEXT Tuesday
  • In Thursday, ready NEXT Wednesday
  • In Friday, ready NEXT Thursday
  • In Saturday, ready Next Friday

We also have several canning options you can choose;

  • Can the contents of the keg, whatever number of cans that might be.
  • Can a fixed number of cans from the keg, assuming there is at least enough beer in the keg to complete that number of cans. 

We will always mark the second last and last can filled as these are more likely to have sediment in them. Otherwise, all cans will have a simple removable label on them showing your name, package date, and name of the beer (if provided)

Due to the complex nature of set up, cleaning, chilling, etc, we have set a basic $15.00 minimum charge for any canning. However, the schedule below shows the cost for a wide range of quantities, with or without a transport box.

NOTE: If you know how many cans you want packaged, you can order this service online on this page, then bring in your keg, and we will proceed based on your order. If you want whatever is in your keg canned then book only a deposit online. We will package the beer, and determine the balance owing once the beer is in cans.

All cans are 473ml

1. Less than 14 cans; $1.07 per can, select Less than 14 
$15.00 minimum charge, plus $1.99 for the optional box = $16.99 plus tax

2. 15 - 23 cans; $0.99 per can, select Singles (15 - 23)

3. 24 cans (one case); $0.96 per can, select 24 cans (case)

4. Full 5 gallon keg; approximately 42 cans. Bring the keg in. We will take a deposit and charge the balance with the can count is known

- If the keg yields less than 24 cans, you will pay $0.99 per can
- If the keg yields more than 24 cans, you will pay $0.96 per can
- boxes are extra and hold 24 cans each. A full keg which yields 42 cans, for example, will require 2 boxes.

All kegs are to be dropped off at our location and all finished packaged cans are to be picked up at our location. No shipping or delivery of this service.