Kegerator Cleaning Kit, rental

Kegerator Cleaning Kit, rental

  • $12.50

This simple kit is effective for cleaning home kegerators, keezers, or upright fridge systems. It is designed to be used with a Sanke connector, not ball lock or pin lock Corny keg systems. (We do have a modified Sanke connector available if you have a ball lock system. Contact us for details)

The Sanke rental kit comes with the following;

  • 1.3 gallon cleaning bottle with bottle cap for D-type Sanke connector
  • 4 foot cleaning line with hex beer nut (not washer) on one end, and faucet adapter (with washer) on the other end. This is used for cleaning AGAINST the flow of beer
  • 12" cleaning brush for cleaning the faucet
  • 4 oz. bottle of caustic beer line cleaner (BLC)
  • 1 pair disposable vinyl gloves
  • step by step instruction sheet

The cost covers a 3 day weekend rental (Friday or Saturday until Tuesday), or 2 weekdays.

Pick up and return in-store only. Deposit may be required ($75.00)

Read our blog post on How to Clean your Kegerator

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