Kent Systems CO2 disconnects

  • $9.99

We are pleased to be the exclusive retailer for Kent System fittings to modernize and simplify your home brewery. 

These fittings are of the highest quality, from both an engineering design and manufacturing viewpoint, but remain both cost effective and super simple to install and use. 

Here is a common scenario; you have a keezer set up with a 3 way manifold and 3 kegs on tap. You want to prepare a few bottles to take to a club meeting, or purge a keg to receive a new batch of beer, but often this means removing one of your CO2 lines, either before or from the manifold, and attaching another gas line. Now you need to undo the clamp, pull the hose off, reattach the temporary line, attach the clamp, then do it all in reverse when you're done. With the Kent fittings, a 1/4 turn of the fitting opens the line, holds the pressure (up to 125 psi), and allows a quick connection to the temporary line with a 1/4 turn to lock it. Done in seconds instead of minutes. The other advantage of the Kent Fitting is that pulling and reattaching the air line stretches and wears it as it is pulled from the multi barb fitting, making the chances of it sealing when you reattach it less. One small gas leak in your system can drain a CO2 tank overnight, meaning another costly refill is in your future.

It is important to note that ALL Kent Systems fittings are equipped with an auto shut off feature. As soon as the fitting is rotated 1/4 turn, both sides of the fitting close securely and can hold back 125 psi of pressure. 

Kent Systems uses a unique single barb connector that is so tight, clamps are not needed in most applications! Here is an explanation of the difference:

The key advantages of a single barb system are

- Tubing can relax behind the barb providing a better seal - No parting line on the barb surface therefore eliminating potential leak paths - Easier to assemble - Increases psi performance - Eliminates the use of hose clamps in most applications

The key disadvantages of a multiple barb are:

- Lower psi performance as the tubing cannot fully relax behind the barb to create a good seal - Parting lines that cause leak paths - Difficult to assemble - Requires the use of a hose clamp in most applications - Prone to disconnection in high pressure applications


What do I need to update my CO2 system?

We have stocked 4 different Kent Systems fittings, depending on whether you want to attach directly to your regulator, or use them inline. In each version, we have a male and female with 5/16" barbs. The threaded versions have a 1/4" thread which will thread into most regulators directly. All parts are grey for consistency with common gas fittings in most keg systems.