Kveik The Halls DHC Advent Calendar

Kveik The Halls DHC Advent Calendar

  • $10.00

In conjunction with the Durham Homebrewers Club, we are pleased to announce that spots are now OPEN for the 2019 Christmas Advent Beer Calendar.

This year, there will be a maximum of 12 participants, and each participant will contribute 12 bottles, (from the same batch) brewed with Kveik yeast! In case you have yet to brew with Kveik and think that time might be short, relax. Kveik will normally finish up in 3-4 days!

As a result, this years calendar event is being named Kveik The Halls!

You submit 12 bottles and get 12 back from the other participants… one for each day leading up to Christmas.


Here’s what you need to know;

  • The last day to submit your 12 bottles is December 6. You can drop them off here at The Homebrew Beer Academy, or with Mark Kalinski (contact him to make arrangements)
  • Each entrant will receive a sheet of 12 labels that need to be attached to your bottles with elastic bands. Once you provide the name, style and ABV of the beer, we will prepare labels with your name and the beer details and send you the labels (PDF)
  • Each bottle should be a minimum of 355ml, both other sizes are also accepted.
  • Your entry fee covers both the administration of the event, but also makes a contribution to upcoming supplies needed by the DHC on meeting brew days!

Tis the season to show off your beer skills, so don't wait!