Magnum (US) Hop Pellets

Magnum (US) Hop Pellets

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Magnum is fast becoming a brewing favorite in Europe and towards being one of the most widely grown high alpha varieties in the US. Used predominately as a base bittering hop it features an exceptional growth rate, yield and superlative storage stability and is said to result in squeaky clean bitterness and subtle citrus-like flavors.

Originally created at the German Hop Institute in Hull, Magnum was released to the brewing world in 1980 and has since been recognized as being most suited to pale ales and lagers where a clean bitterness is desired. It is the result of a cross between Galena and an unnamed German male variety.

Aroma: Clean bitterness, subtle citrus flavors

Alpha Acid: 12 - 14%

Possible substitutions: Hallertauer, Taurus, Columbus, Nugget