Master Brewer Series - All Grain Brewing 101

Master Brewer Series - All Grain Brewing 101

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PDF of class slides can be found here


We are pleased to present a truly remarkable brewer, Ian Johnson, in the first of our Master Brewer Series on Thursday November 1, 2018.

Ian began brewing in 1971 and brewed extract beers for over 10 years before starting to brew all grain.  In the 1990's, he joined the Canadian Amateur Brewers Association (CABA) where, after a few years, his main role was the chair of the Technical Committee and the editor of their newsletter.  When CABA dissolved around 2010, he joined the Ontario section of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.   Currently, he is a member of their local Technical Committee, won their local Iron Brewer competition in 2015, and if that is not enough, he is also a certified beer judge with the BJCP. 

Ian will present an extensive but very accessible overview of all the major areas of all grain brewing, from the pro's and con's, through developing your recipe, milling and mashing, through to sparging and lautering. He will use on-screen visuals, printed notes, and demonstrations of different processes. 

This is the first class in what we plan will be an ongoing series of classes in our Master Brewer series. 

Date:  Thursday November 1, 2018
Time: 6:00pm - 7:30 or 8:00pm
Location: The Homebrew Beer Academy classroom
Cost: FREE, but registration is required.  Select the number of seats you want, click Add to Cart, and proceed through the check out. You will then receive a confirmation email. 

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