Mellona Honey

  • $20.00

Working with local honey producer Mellona Honey, we are pleased to be able to present these products to you as a regularly stocked item, on a pre-order basis. Before you think this involves a ton of extra time, consider this; Mellona is based in Whitby and most orders can be ready for you to pick-up or have delivered just in 1-3 days. This also means that the honey is kept fresh right up until you order it, then it is transferred into it's final container and delivered to us. All that Pre-Order means is that normally, these products will not be found in our shop for walk in purchases. They need to be ordered a few days in advance, which is very common for many other orders we see. No extra cost to you, no degradation of quality, just great local honey at great prices for all your brewing or cooking needs. 

We have 2 types of honey available, in 4 different sizes each. WildFlower and Clover.

This is pure local Durham Ontario wildflower honey, right from the hive to the jar without pasteurisation! WildFlower honey, as the name suggests, is honey made from bees who visit local wildflowers. 

Clover honey, the sweetest of all our honey's and like the WildFlower, is unpasteurised and produced locally in Durham, Ontario. Clover honey is produced when bees visit primarily clover plants, which may also result in a lighter appearance than wildflower honey. But don't let the sweetness fool you.. This little powerhouse is also packed with minerals and anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties, not to mention the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits!

Mellona Honey uses a combination of a flow-hive method, as well as the gentle traditional methods. They do not use any chemicals when feeding the bees or jarring your honey, and as for the most common question... "No we do not add sugar to our honey!"  It is just pure honey the way nature and the bees intended it to be. 

Shelf Life of Honey

Honey is one of a handful of foods that, if stored properly, will literally last for thousands of years, and has been found in tombs 2000 years old, still edible! This is due in part to the fact that honey contains so little moisture, as well as a low pH, that bacteria cannot survive in it. Keep your honey sealed indoors and dry and you have very little to worry about. Occasionally honey will crystalize but this has no impact to the taste or sugar content of the honey. It will occur more rapidly in high-sugar honeys, such as Clover, and is best managed by keeping the honey at room temperature or above. 

Raw versus Commercial Honey

Raw honey is also noted in many studies to contain antioxidants, bee pollen, and nutrients that are beneficial, but often stripped out during commercial processing. While the taste of commercial and pure honey might be similar, that is where the differences end. To learn more, here is a link to an interesting overview.