Wheat, Canadian (unmalted), GW

Wheat, Canadian (unmalted), GW

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Raw unmalted wheat (soft white wheat) has a pronounced grain flavour and pale straw colour. It is used in many traditional Belgian styles to add head retention, haze, and flavor. The starch is not gelatinized and the protein content is high, so a cereal mash and/or protein rest may be required. NOTE: since this wheat is unmalted, it does not crush the same as malted grains. Instead of cracking into small portions, it tends to tear and rip.

shipping is not available for full sacks of grain. Please do not order full sacks for Canada Post shipping as we will refund your order.

Color °L 1.5 - 4.0
Moisture % Max 12.0
Protein Total 11.5 ± 3.5
Extract FG Min 76
Usage Rate Up to 50%

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